Long-Term Substitute Position Opens at Scarif Academy

Long-Term Substitute Position Opens at Scarif Academy

SCARIF–With the maternity leave of ELA teacher Cynthia Garo fast approaching, Scarif Academy is looking for a long-term substitute replacement.

“You won’t find a better school than Scarif Academy,” says Mrs. Garo. “All the students are children of the Imperial employees stationed on Scarif, so these children already have discipline and obedience drilled into them at home.”

Scarif Academy’s Principal Snoke praised Mrs. Garo’s work. “She sets a high standard for these kids, challenging each of them to one day become the next Grand Moff Tarkin. We need a teacher like her who will consistently infuse rigor into their instruction and give these kids a fighting chance in the Imperial ranks.”

Despite these appealing promises, prospective applicants have expressed concerns about the safety of working on an Imperial base, particularly with growing rumors of a unified Rebel Alliance.

“Scarif has a state-of-the-art security system,” says Orson Krennic, a Director of a top-secret Imperial project. Director Krennic’s project has connections to the facilities on Scarif. “The security system begins with an impenetrable shield gate and an armada of ships surrounding the planet. On the surface you have elite troops and brilliant officers. These aren’t the kind of guys who let anyone infiltrate the base. If someone managed such a feat, these guys wouldn’t stand around gaping. They’d immediately raise a garrison to respond. I dare say no more. Please don’t contact me again as my work is of vital importance to the Empire and the entire galaxy.”

Mrs. Garo agrees with Director Krennic’s assessment of security. “I’m heading to Jedha for maternity leave because I have family there and I feel it’s safe under Imperial occupation. But part of me wishes I was staying on Scarif. You can’t beat the climate and the beautiful water here. It’s like a little oasis in our turbulent galaxy.”

Applications are still open and can be transmitted to Principal Snoke. In the meantime, check out Principal Snoke’s blog to learn how he foresees adapting his administrative skills into the visionary First Order.