All-Time Favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shorts

All-Time Favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 Shorts

The Parkchesterstock founder James Coughlin introduced me to the glory that is Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) shorts. After watching many of them throughout this past semester of college, it’s time to determine the three greatest MST3K shorts.

3. “A Date With Your Family”

Demonstrating 1950’s gender roles and social norms via “The Woody Allen story” is nothing short of brilliantly disturbing and eye-opening.

2. “Are You Ready For Marriage?”

It’s like the Fear vs. Love scene in Donnie Darko made a thousand times more absurd and hilarious via the context of marriage. BOING!

1. “A Case of Spring Fever”

He’s the Voldemort/Emperor Palpatine/President Snow of the MST3K universe. There is no villain more formidable than him. There is no one as ruthless as COILY!