Game of Thrones “The Winds of Winter” 6×10 Preview

The season finale of a favorite TV show is always a bittersweet time. Season finales tend to be packed with awesomeness, often delivering many of the best moments in the show’s history. While the shocking twists and cliffhangers are delicious, you’re then left deprived of any new taste until the next season. Before diving into preview and predictions for the Game of Thrones season 6 finale, watch (or re-watch) the episode’s promo:

  1. The Twins

Many characters die in Game of Thrones when they’re feeling most victorious and confident. Walder Frey is currently feeling that way with Riverrun once again under Frey-Lannister control, the Blackfish dead and the Houses of the Riverlands once again forced to be subservient to House Frey. That means it’s time for Walder Frey to die. It’s only fitting one of the primary engineers of the Red Wedding dies at a celebratory event at the Twins. In the books it seems like the Brotherhood Without Banners are the ones planning to bring that to fruition. But it definitely doesn’t look that way in the show with the Brotherhood gearing up to head North and fight the White Walkers and wights, and with the show’s lack of Lady Stoneheart. So who is going to kill Walder Frey?

I believe Jaime Lannister will, with help from Bronn. Jaime will kill Walder Frey for Catelyn Stark. When Jaime met with Brienne in “No One” (6×08) he was impressed and genuinely surprised Brienne was able to finish fulfilling her oath to Catelyn. I like to think it made Jaime realize he hasn’t done enough to finish fulfilling his part of the oath to Catelyn. When talking with Edmure Tully, Jaime made it abundantly clear that despite everything he still has deep respect for Catelyn, for her strength and love for her children. While he can’t help with Sansa or Arya, he can get vengeance against Walder Frey for the Red Wedding and Catelyn’s death. He has no love for the Freys and even has cause to be angry with them as their plight with Riverrun played a role in yet again tearing him away from Cersei.

With Bronn’s help, Jaime will kill Walder Frey in a way that makes Black Walder Rivers look responsible. Jaime has ample cause to hate Black Walder Rivers as he’s the one who killed Catelyn, and he acted arrogantly when Jaime and the Lannister army arrived at Riverrun (Jaime smacked him in the face). Poison seems like the best way to make this happen.

  1. King’s Landing

The trial for Cersei Lannister and Loras Tyrell is finally here. The High Sparrow thinks he’s won. But he’s severely underestimated two women: Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister. Margaery has fooled about everyone except her grandmother Olenna Tyrell into thinking she’s become a completely pious, atoning figure obedient to the Faith of the Seven. But Margaery assured her grandmother the situation was under control. I believe her. Margaery is the only character who’s been able to manipulate and even be remotely successful dealing with the High Sparrow. She’s still Queen of Westeros while the first two kings she married have been long dead and her currently husband is a pawn of the High Sparrow. I am confident she has a plan to save her brother and the future of House Tyrell. She’s already put herself in a prime position to make whatever her plan is a reality.

But will Cersei inadvertently destroy Margaery’s plan? Cersei will enter this trial relying on the mysterious rumor discussed between her and Qyburn in “No One” to save herself and defeat the High Sparrow and Faith Militant once and for all. As for what that rumor is, there are two theories I present, the first being an outlandish theory of mine and the second being a popular one discussed at length on the Internet. The first is that if you watch the season 6 trailer below this paragraph, there’s a frame at 1:18 so brief it doesn’t even last a whole second. But the frame looks like a group of children standing over someone and stabbing them. My theory is that Cersei had Qyburn investigate any dirt on the High Sparrow, particularly a rumor that the High Sparrow used to be or continues to be a pedophile. With this confirmed, Cersei is going to use Qyburn’s spies (the children who were Varys’s little birds in King’s Landing) to catch the High Sparrow off guard, perhaps even pretending to seduce him before killing him. With the High Sparrow gone, the Faith Militant and the Faith’s alliance with the Crown will crumble. Of course, the more likely scenario with these children has to do with the events depicted in the Epilogue of George R. R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons . . .

The other less creepy and more popular theory is that Cersei had Qyburn investigate rumors about the caches of wildfire beneath the city and she will use the deadly weapon to save herself and defeat her enemies. It’s argued that Bran’s visions of wildfire and the Mad King screaming “Burn them all!” in “Blood of My Blood” (6×06) was foreshadowing of this event. This theory is a lot more likely. The question is how exactly Cersei intends to use the wildfire.

Compared to previous seasons, things have remained pretty status quo in King’s Landing with the High Sparrow and Faith Militant firmly maintaining their control despite various efforts from members of the tenuous Lannister-Tyrell alliance. All I feel confident in saying is that the status quo will finally shatter. I expect multiple significant characters to die in King’s Landing as the city once again runs with blood.

More predictions to come in Part 2 of this preview . . .



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