Game of Thrones “Blood of My Blood” 6×06 review: Part 2

Part 2 of this review will look at Arya’s storyline, the Sam and Gilly storyline, and a few predictions and general thoughts moving forward.

Arya took a major step forward by finally renouncing the Faceless Men. It’s thrilling but also terrifying that she’s not just going to make a run for it. I understand that she wants to stop running and feels like she needs to face her problems, and that she’ll spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder for Jaqen H’ghar and the Waif if she doesn’t deal with them now. This is the Arya we came to know and love, the Arya with spunk and guts. I predict Arya kills the Waif with Needle in the dark, using her time as a blind girl to her advantage. She then takes the Waif’s face, goes to Jaqen wearing that face and saying Arya Stark is dead, and then Arya kills Jaqen. Because of how much she trained with the Waif, how well she knows her combat style as a blind opponent, I have complete confidence Arya can handle the Waif. What I don’t have complete confidence in is the taking of the Waif’s face (she never learned how to do that properly) and her odds against Jaqen. Her feelings with Jaqen are also a lot more complicated as he’s helped her before in the past while she’s only known cruelty from the Waif. However it goes, I’m confident Arya will not die. Maybe that’s foolish to say when it comes to Game of Thrones, but every death has always moved the story and character development forward. There are so many intriguing possibilities for Arya’s storyline. But if Arya dies at the hands of Jaqen or the Waif, it really doesn’t further character development or the plot forward. Jaqen and the Waif won’t develop in any way because of that and even if they did, they’re in Braavos disconnected from all other characters and locations we currently care about.

Some are questioning what the purpose was of this Faceless Men storyline if it ends with Arya renouncing their ways, regardless of what happens between her and the Waif and Jaqen now. I believe the purpose was for Arya to gain invaluable skills and understanding about herself that will be crucial going forward. Furthermore, her time with the Faceless Men has helped her understand how to confront rather than run from her problems, and above all that there’s far more to life than revenge. To have Arya killed and take those huge gains away from her, preventing her from being connected to major characters and events in Westeros again, would be criminal.

The last storyline of this episode to review is with Sam and Gilly. John Bradley as Sam and Hannah Murray as Gilly have such wonderful chemistry together. Every scene they’re in is a treat to watch. They share one of the few healthy relationships in Game of Thrones, a healthy and happy relationship. What transpires at Horn Hill was overall what most expected, but so masterfully executed, with some fantastic humor sprinkled in, that I didn’t mind. In a day and age where we’re taking enormous strides to break away from gender roles and the patriarchy, the conflict between Randyll Tarly and the rest of his family rings so true. Furthermore, I love how fearless Gilly is with Randyll Tarly because while he’s a terrible person, he’s nowhere near as terrible as Craster. I also love how she doesn’t get angry at Sam, but is instead angry that terrible people like Randyll Tarly can treat good people like Sam so cruelly and face no consequences for it.

As for Sam and Gilly’s future, I’m happy they and the baby (he’s so cute) are staying together but it’s unclear what will happen now. Will Sam still go to the Citadel to become a maester like in the books and as was planned in the show? Or will he return north so he and Gilly can stay together, and he’s bringing Heartsbane with him not only to defy his father, but to bring a Valyrian steel sword to help fight the White Walkers? We shall see. Hopefully we don’t have another 3 episode gap before we see Sam and Gilly next.

More predictions and a couple notes:

  • Theon and Yara return in next week’s episode. It looks like they’re in Volantis, supporting the idea they’re preempting Euron’s plan by going to Daenerys in Meereen. It’s not clear how many ships they took, but it’s nowhere near as many ships as Daenerys needs. Will Daenerys set sail with them, and if so, who will she decide to take with her on the limited number of ships? In this scenario I also foresee Tyrion and Varys telling Daenerys to be wary of Iron Islanders, particularly Theon who completely betrayed the Starks.
  • The episode promo also shows that Bronn is finally back! It looks like Jaime is enlisting him to help with the Riverrun situation. I suspect Jaime will have Bronn doing some behind the scenes work to help seize Riverrun while he’s busy talking with the Blackfish.
  • When will Dorne become relevant again? Since Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes took control by murdering Doran and Trystane (Oberyn must be rolling in his grave with how his lover and nieces killed Myrcella and then killed his brother and nephew), we’ve seen nothing of them. They were mentioned briefly by Jaime in King’s Landing, but that’s been it. When will their actions influence the world outside Dorne? Will the Dorne-Lannister war Ellaria craved for become a reality?
  • When will Melisandre’s true age become relevant again? It was a huge reveal at the end of episode 6×01, but hasn’t really played any role since. Her age speaks to wisdom and knowledge others do not have. When will the show tap into this fascinating potential?

Now onto “The Broken Man” episode 6×07!





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